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Scaling DevOps [English]

Scaling DevOps [English]

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Workshop objectives

An online workshop taking you through the similarities and differences in ten widely used scaling frameworks, teaching you to analyse them and pick the one (or parts of several) that best fit your organisation and its goals.

DevOps describes a philosophy that relies heavily on a team-oriented setup. In larger organizations, there are therefore a number of challenges (communication, governance, planning/control, security, ...) to be solved, which will be addressed in this seminar.

The goal is to enable participants to think not "inside" a given framework, but rather have a broad understanding, enabling them to understand any given framework and consider if and how any given framework fits their own organisation's goals and situation.

In order to enable this learning, the participants may choose from several scenarios  for the workshop portions, or alternately are welcome to supply their own.

Target group

All those who want to receive concrete advice on successful DevOps implementation specifically in larger companies, e.g. IT management executives, project managers, team leaders, service managers, scrum masters, agility masters, product owners, application managers, IT operations managers, involved employees.


The workshop first presents three scaling approaches in more detail: The fundamental philosophy and principles behind SAFe, LeSS and ITIL for use in larger DevOps organizations are explained. Then, seven other scaling approaches are briefly presented and the most important content and success factors for use in larger DevOps organizations are elaborated. A great deal of emphasis and time is placed on comparing the approaches and applying them individually to practice.

Introduction and refresher: "What is DevOps?"

  •     refreshing basic knowledge on Agile and DevOps
  •     creating a common understanding and vocabulary for this course

Why scaling?

  •     Problem definition for growth and transformation
  •     Organization (distributed teams, size, complex products)
  •     Governance and compliance
  •     Planning and control
  •     Communication and collaboration

Overview of common agile scaling approaches

  •     SAFe
  •     LeSS
  •     ITIL 4
  •     Scrum@Scale
  •     Nexus
  •     Kanban Flight Levels
  •     Floating Teams
  •     Scrum of Scrums
  •     Flow Framework
  •     Disciplined Agile Delivery
  •     Comparison and selection

Scaled agile framework (SAFe) for DevOps scaling

  •     SAFe at a glance
  •     Roles in SAFe
  •     Process in SAFe
  •     DevOps in SAFe

LeSS for DevOps Scaling

  •     LeSS at a glance
  •     Roles in LeSS
  •     Flow in LeSS
  •     DevOps in LeSS

ITIL4 for DevOps Scaling

  •     ITIL4 at a glance
  •     Support of DevOps teams through ITIL4
  •     Support of the ITIL4 organization through DevOps

Comparison of DevOps scaling options from different perspectives

  •     Organization
  •     Governance and Compliance
  •     Planning and Control
  •     Communication and Collaboration


Details of this course

Duration: 2 days

Prerequisites: Prerequisite is a basic knowledge of the DevOps philosophy as taught in introductory seminars on DevOps from various vendors. Additionally, general experience in at least one of the following three areas:

  •     Agile software development,
  •     application operations (data center) or
  •     IT service management

Certificate: If desired, participants can take an exam afterwards and, if they pass, receive a corresponding, internationally recognized certificate.

Training method

Some presentations, to summarise the different frameworks to createthe foundational knowledge required for the and discussions, exercises and group work.


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