DevOps in Embedded Systems

DevOps in Embedded Systems

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Applying agile and DevOps principles to embedded systems development

There’s no reason only web developers should be able to use modern practices.
In fact, a lot of Agile is rooted in time-tested engineering practice.

In this training, we’ll explore DevOps principles, and discuss which ones can be applied in or adapted to an embedded systems context.

Improving speed, quality, customer value and employee happiness

As the importance of software for any kind of product rises, and as modern manufacturing methods enable us to iterate ever more quickly, you have a wonderful chance:

Imroving quality and development speed at the same time — while making your work more rewarding and enjoyable!


Target Audience:

Anyone traing to apply DevOps to their embedded systems development. Particularly relevant for embedded systems engineers, chief engineers, engineering managers, product managers or product owners.


2 Days



What will you learn?

What is DevOps?

  • Emergence
  • Goals
  • Perspectives

DevOps for Embedded

  • Embedded DevOps – is that even possible?
  • Examples of successful implementations

  • basic viewpoints

  • Application of DevOps to embedded
  • agile embedded projects

Feedback loops: The Second Way of DevOps

  • Why?
  • Which ones exist?
  • Which ones should you create?

Working on elements of the entire product

  • Service Perspective
  • Modularization
  • Interfaces

Working on the overall product

  • system and product perspective
  • feedback loops
  • humans as an integral part of the system
  • prototypes
  • Hardware-in-the-loop testing

  • submodels

Agile Hardware: fast iteration in mechanics and electronics

  • in-house manufacturing
  • prototype manufacturers
  • 3D printing
  • CNC
  • automated in-house board production
  • shifting functionality between hardware and software
  • modeling

Monitoring in the Field

  • advantages and pitfalls
  • common approaches (VPN, local logging, …)
  • monitoring and data analysis
  • continuous testing

Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment

  • continuous delivery for embedded
  • coordinating across teams and fuctions
  • deliver on cadence, release on demand
  • continuous deployment in the field

Agile Specification

  • user stories
  • Behaviour Driven Design (BDD)
  • evolving architecture
  • designing interfaces

Version Control

  • repository structure
  • branching strategies and workflows
  • version control of drawings, firmware, and blobs

Agile Documentation

  • automated document generation
  • documentation as a product
  • the value perspective on documentation
  • automation as implicit documentation

Assessments, Functional Safety, and Agile

  • safety-critical agile development
  • iterating in safety-critical environments
  • the regulators’ view
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